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This email address is still good !  However I am currently living in Sandstone, WV on my Dad's lil farm, and I have no cable, no computer :( 

IF we have a reopen date, it will not take place until the Fall of the year, and if we reopen......our inventory will be very limited.  

Please continue to check here for updates or on our Facebook page. to Men who are Traditional Wet-Shavers. "The Gentlemen's Quarter" offers you a line of Quality Shaving Soaps, Shaving Creams and Bath Soaps for your daily skincare needs. Our products have been used by Men from around the World who have come to appreciate the luxurious, abundant lather of our Shaving Soaps and Creams that cushions the razor as it glides across your skin, leaving your face smooth and moisturized, for a close comfortable shave without nicks or irritation.

Good Afternoon Gentlemen! 

I want to Thank each and every one of you who have written to enquire as to our reopen date, and your continued interest in TGQ. 

I also want to send out my most heartfelt Thank you for those who have sent emails wishing me the best in life, and for your kind words of encouragement.  It means more to me than you will ever know!  And I promise you....that no how......can anyone say that a better group of men exist than my friends, y'all are the BEST !

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Making soap in its finest form, is an Art! 

Using great care in choosing the highest grade quality oils in proper ratio, a skilled soapmaker can create a small bar of soap that is luxurious in the way it feels in your hands, gliding over your skin with a rich, creamy lather that will gently clean, but not strip your skin of it's own natural oils.  

Scented to perfection in an array of our very own "Custom Blends" created from exquisite essential oils and fragrances from around the world to arouse the senses and soothe the spirit after a hard day's work.

"The Gentlemen's Quarter" (TGQ) takes the greatest care in making all of our bath soap, shaving soap, and shaving cream in small batches to ensure Freshness and Quality.  We use a smaller amount of lye in our bath soap to ensure that not all of the oils have been turned into soap, ensuring that additional skin care oils remain.

  This is known as "Superfatting".  

We offer several Fine Herbal bath soaps for your skin care needs.  Enjoy the simple pleasure of using a luxurious bar of handcrafted natural soap each and every day;  Full of Rich, Creamy, moisturizing lather, laced with the finest essential oils and aromatic fragrances, made just for you.

All you need to do is, just add water ! 

Wanna know why it takes 4 to 6 weeks to make a batch of fine bath soap ?

 Check out our...Discussion page.....on facebook <<<<click here.

Interested in learning more about the Lost Art of Traditional Wet Shaving? 

Check out the following forums, to learn all about Straight Razors, Double Edge Razors, Strops, Hones, Restoration, and Blade making. 

Learn the techniques for making great lather, and how to get the closest, and most enjoyable shave you've ever had in your life. 

Please tell them the "Soapmistress" sent you :)



I recently purchased one 3" round each of Colleen's "Leatherneck" and "Cavendish Black" shaving soaps. I haven't yet tried the "Cavendish Black", but the "Leatherneck" is wonderful.
"Leatherneck", as one of her girlfirends commented, "it smells like a MAN!" Now, I'm tall, athletic, hairy, and tattooed; nevertheless, if a woman is gonna feel that way about my shaving soap and, by extension, ME; well, whom am I to mess with the Forces of Nature? ........(more)
by Mr. J Horen    Palm Springs, FL
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